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Dov Baron creates experiences that give you, your audience and your organization ways of gaining strategic and cultural advantage over the competition. Dragonist, Storyteller, Generator of Meaning.

Dov Baron has been twice-named, by as one of the World's Top Leadership Speakers to Hire. Also, named him to its list of Top 30 Global Leadership Gurus.

There have been wonderful advances in cognitive neuroscience, which has generally been focused on non-emotional cognition, such as attention or memory. However, understanding what subjectively drives an individual is the cognitive neuroscience of emotions known as Emotional Logic.

Tapping into subjective Emotional Logic gives us the science of persuasion, which helps us to discover what makes people do the things they rationally wouldn’t do rationally, and how to do the things they may have held as impossible.

This the study of the neural mechanisms of emotion. This interdisciplinary field combines neuroscience with the psychological study of personality, emotion, and mood.

Dov Is One Of The World’s Premier Speakers On Leadership, Loyalty And The Behavioural Science Of Meaning.

The organizations at the cutting edge understand that to excel in a chaotic, competitive environment, your team and customers need a sense of your company’s meaning to sustain engagement and energy, foster loyalty, deepen connection and boost efficiency. Through his fully interactive keynote conversations and training, Dov guides leaders and organizations into unleashing their people’s highest potential. He helps them develop employees who engage through meaning, which enhances the speed in which they reach their strategic objectives.

As a presenter, Dov has the rare ability to deeply and emotionally connect with and electrify an audience, while delivering uncommonly original and practical insights. Your people will psychologically and emotionally connect to one another more deeply. They’ll also dynamically bond to your organization’s meaning and purpose.

The One Single Monolithic Difference Between Mediocrity And Greatness For All Individuals And Companies Is Unified Meaning.

The result: A superb Corporate Culture for an organization that generates, not just loyalty, but Fierce Loyalty where people are doing their very best work.

We understand: finding the right speaker for your event can be hard. You want someone who can engage your audience, but isn’t too “rah-rah”. You want someone who can inspire, but isn’t too “woo-woo”. You want someone who is practical and strategic, but not too cold and factual. You want someone who’ll improve your company with the proper balance of inspiration and information, and not burn your people out.

Dov truly cares and you can feel it. If you want a business strategist and master storyteller who will tap into the fire in your talent’s belly, you get “The Dragonist,” Dov Baron.

Hiring Dov To Captivate And Inspire Your People Will Be The Best Decision You’ll Ever Make.

When you hire Dov Baron you get a television and media personality who has hosted his own television series on ROKU TV, (Pursuing Deep Greatness). Dov has worked with leaders featured on Oprah, Ellen, CNN, Fox, MSNBC, CBS, Huffington Post, Larry King, the New York Times, the Washington Post, Forbes, the Wall Street Journal and many more. He also has a large social media following with over 200,000 followers. He is a bestselling author of several books, including Fiercely Loyal and One Red Thread! On top of that, you get the professional platform skills of a thirty-year veteran speaker.

Dov Baron’s cultural-amplifying Ideas have assisted tens of thousands of people and organizations around the globe in becoming world class. His ideas have helped them shift from stagnation to innovation, and realize explosive growth and productivity.

His presentations are rich with clarity and ideas, full of results-oriented takeaways that are always delivered with his uncommon vigor. Dov continues to work with an array of clients including; the United Nations, Servant Leadership Institute, and Department of State, as well as financial Institutions, health technologies, CEOs and other C-suite leaders, entrepreneurs, musicians, physicians, artists, speakers and bestselling authors.

During your group’s time with Dov, you’ll discover what really matters in your life, giving you a clearer personal definition of success — one that aligns with your inner truth. In other words, you’ll define your personal and companie’s purpose and meaning.

All programs are available in the following formats:

75-Minute interactive keynote conversations 3-Hour transformational workshops

Find your dragon fire: Ignite your organization’s purpose!

Loyalty: How to bond teams and customers to you through positive psychology. It doesn’t matter how successful you are: if your employees and customers don’t understand what gives your company meaning, you’re only working at a fraction of your capability.

Human hacking: Tapping into what makes anyone an elite performer. understanding what subjectively drives an individual may be the most powerful tool there is.

Meaning into action: The social and neuro-science of meaning driven loyalty.

Meaning Drives Behavior.

Unified Meaning Is The One Single Monolith Difference Between Mediocrity And Greatness For All Individuals And Companies.

Dragon Leadership: The Strategic Advantage

You’re so good at what you do, because you’ve consistently committed to always getting better. You have transformed from who you were, but you’ve reached a plateau of comfort and that’s not you.

You are at the point where you have lost touch with something you knew so well; it was part of you. So, the question is; how did you lose touch with the fire in your belly, with what I call “Dragon Fire” and how do you reignite it and turn it into an inferno of meaning?

The Most Critical Thing Leaders and Business Owners Need To Understand Is What Drives Human Behavior.

Thank you.