Podcast Mastermind

June 19th, 02:00 PM Pacific Time
(US and Canada)


Are you a podcaster? Are you interested in becoming even better at your craft?

Many of us who have a podcast do it because we truly love it. Plus, we usually have fun doing it!

Beyond that, however, we are often looking for ways to gain more connections, expand our networks, inspire others, and ultimately grow our brands & businesses.

My own podcasting experience includes having the number one show for Fortune 500 leaders (according to Apple Podcasts), being in the podcasting industry for 11 years, and launching a second show in 2020. All of this time and dedication in the industry has shown me that all of those outcomes can absolutely result from consistently showing up and hitting record.

We begin Jun 19, 2020, 02:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)