Live two-hour
training with Dov.

Monday the Sept 21st
at 2:00 PM PDT

Meaning Driven Leadership in Business and Life.

Providing Certainty in Uncertain Times.

One of the great mysteries of leadership and business has been: What makes someone a compelling visionary leader?


What makes someone the kind of leader that inspires a frenzied following that makes people want to become warriors who will fight for such a leader’s cause?


There are, of course, many aspects of being a compelling leader. However, I believe there is one that stands head and shoulders above all others. The most compelling and magnetic pull of a particular individual is the complete conviction with which such a leader communicates their certainty of meaning!


In business and life, it is vitally important that you provide certainty in uncertain times.


The meaning driven leader is the antidote for the creeping disease of doubt that can haunt our dreams.


That’s exactly where we’re going in our next 2 hour lives training and you must:


It was an honour to be included in such an incredible group of people. Time to get AGILE!

Scott Rands,
Portfolio Manager Director,
Wealth Management.


Thanks so much Dov... another insightful learning experience with the Master.

Roy Kowarski,
Helps entrepreneurs & marketers to land more clients with unique promotional strategies and products.


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