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Join me,The Dragonist,  in the Dragon’s Lair for:

– Your monthly live training 
– Direct access to recordings of privately held past trainings
– Exclusive workbooks for each of those trainings
– Private video content from Curiosity Bites with  the world’s most interesting people

On Monday, December 7th at 2:PM PACIFIC TIME. I’m holding a live, virtual “Hot Seat” event.

Interested in Ongoing LIVE Access?

The Dragon’s Lair is a private, Patreon-based membership that provides you with exclusive access to me. Every single month you’ll have the opportunity to attend a LIVE training (with a replay option for those who can’t accommodate the live date).

On Monday, December 7 at 2:PM PACIFIC TIME, I’m holding a live, virtual “Hot Seat” event where you can ask me for the insights that are usually reserved for my private clients.

In a nutshell:
You can ask me anything! You can ask questions about getting new clients or doing a better job with the clients you have now. You can ask me questions about how to lead in uncertainty or how to generate loyalty. Maybe you want to know how to be a better communicator and how to deal with conflict… the possibilities are endless. Whatever is most important to you, that’s the question I want you to ask. I want you to ask the question you’re scared to ask.
Looking for 1-1 access?
You can book a 30 minute call for $500 here.

It was an honour to be included in such an incredible group of people. Time to get AGILE!

Scott Rands,
Portfolio Manager Director,
Wealth Management.


Thanks so much Dov... another insightful learning experience with the Master.

Roy Kowarski,
Helps entrepreneurs & marketers to land more clients with unique promotional strategies and products.

Previous trainings have included:

See a topic you’re disappointed to have missed?

Keep reading to see how you can gain access to the recordings and workbooks from ALL of these amazing monthly sessions!


The Silver Package

A great starting point for the leader looking to grow!

This package gives you LIVE access to the monthly training, plus a replay version! You won’t have archive access to previous trainings, but you’ll receive access to each future monthly training for as long as you’re a member.

The Gold Package

For the leader who is ready to take things to the next level.
This package provides LIVE access to the monthly training session, along with the replay. In ADDITION, you’ll get access to the archives, which include ALL of the past Dragon’s Lair training calls.

The Platinum Package

For the leader who is ready for transformation.
LIVE access to monthly session, the full replay archives of EVERY past Dragon’s Lair training, PLUS access to ALL the workbooks AND additional Curiosity Bites video footage. Platinum Members get it all!
Not ready for full access?
You can try out the Bronze Package and receive the recording of this month’s Dragon’s Lair training! NOTE: This is not live access! Instead, you’ll get an email with access to the recording of the upcoming session.
No problem! All packages include, at minimum, a replay of the monthly call you signed up for. I love it when you’re there live, but I understand it doesn’t always work out that way!

Well, that content is there for you to consume. The Dragon’s Lair is here for you to interact, engage, and really be a part of LIVE community, conversation, and leadership with me.

Not at all; this monthly membership is here to serve you, and I want you to get the full benefits. If, at any time, you need to leave, there is no penalty for doing so. Note that you will lose access to all program benefits, including archives and live calls.