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Podcast Star

Be a Guest on the Leadership and Loyalty show!
Being a Podcast guest is quickly becoming the fastest most impactful way to build your brand with excess of 68 million people tuning in (that’s just in USA).
If you want to build your brand, get more exposure for yourself and your product/service, then this fast paced, in depth 45-60 minute training is perfect for you.


This is a one of a kind, specific structured training. Within one hour with Dov Baron as your coach and guide, you will have profound clarity about “your” message and how to deliver that message so that the audience stays tuned the entire program.

Connect with your audience

More importantly, you’ll learn the ability to connect with your podcast audiences in a way that gets them to take the action you need them to take. Furthermore, what you learn will make you a more valued guest on any podcast.


As a (limited time) bonus when you take the Become a World-Class Podcast Star training, you‘ll bypass the (present 5-6 month) waiting cue for your podcast to be broadcasted.
You’ll then be able to leverage your appearance on this prestigious show as a resume builder to get on other podcast shows.

Become a world-class podcast star training $1500.00

amazing exposure with

Millions of listeners

By being on the Leadership and Loyalty show, you’ll
have exposure through...

Why be a guest on the Leadership
and Loyalty podcast?

Build your Brand

Create Brand/Personal Authority

Show expertise

Add value to our

Getting audience to take
action towards betting
their lives

Why take the value-packed How to
Become a World-Class Podcast Star
training directly with Dov Baron?

Personal Story

Design the part of your personal story that is most relevant to the outcome you require

Your Brand

Design the part of your brand /product creation story that is most relevant to the outcome you require

Show Your Value

Discover how to have the audience see the cost of NOT having you/your product or service

Your Pivotal Moment

Define your pivotal moment that will build instant rapport with your host and the audience

Be Irresistible

Discover your audience’s pain point to make you irresistible

Use Case Studies

Learn how to insert case studies that make you the only option for what you offer

Your Own Voice

Learn how to make your personality and voice shine

Make Every Minute Count

Discover how to deliver inside any timeline (some broadcasts are 10 min-some 60 minutes)

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Dov Baron

Dov Baron was sighted by Inc Magazine Top100 Leadership Speakers to Hire. He is a Bestselling Author: Focused on Equipping The Millennial Generation in Family Businesses for Leadership

Be a Guest on the
Leadership and Loyalty show!

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