Are you ready?

Have you planned
out your next step?

Do you know what you
want to achieve?

Have you decided on the difference you want to make and
 the impact you want to have?

Have you decided who you will choose to help you get there?

Are you ready to shift your life, to get what you want,
  and even better get the things you don’t even know you want yet?

Let's spend 30 minutes taking that leap
together. There is another level! It's
either one you don't know of yet or
one you've only dreamed of.

If you’re serious about creating transformation in your life
and business, book the call now.

Solve your biggest problems by becoming a dragon!

If you could solve any of your business or personal problems in 30 minutes, which problem would you pick?

If you’re looking for an advisor who’ll offer you the same
old tired, feel-good,self-help counsel, packaged in a neat
diplomatic box, then you’re in the wrong place.

If, however, you’ve decided on the impact you most want
to have in the world, and you’re willing to do what it takes,
then you’re definitely in the right place.

My Name is Dov Baron.

My “why,” my purpose, is to live life as, what I call, the “Father of Dragons.” That means the only clients I work with are dragons (although some may not realize they’re a dragon initially).

Let me explain.

When you think about a dragon, you don’t conjure up the picture of a tiny creature. It’s not a little box turtle, burping up a matchstick’s worth of fire.

No, a dragon is big, and its arrival on the scene is a big deal.

When approached by a dragon, people experience fear, but there’s also awe and respect. A dragon’s sheer presence dominates.

Dragons are misunderstood. They’re seen as dark and evil. However, dragons are protectors and they’re guarding something magnificent. Their existence is one of deep meaning.

My question to you, then, is this: Are you a
dragon? Or, do you at least sense that such
a creature hides inside of you?

If you want to metamorpihize, if you want to become the real you, the most
powerful you, you’ll need a guide to help you with those first steps. If you want
someone who can show you how to breath fire into your business, your
leadership, and your life, then book your video call with me today.

I care deeply about your success and fulfillment; so much so, in fact, that to
help you I’M WILLING TO BREATH FIRE: To fuel the good. Turn away the bad.
And reveal the ugly.

When you book your 30-minute
video session, you can ask me
anything. Nothing is off limits

If we can solve your problem on the spot and you don’t
want to go any further, we’re done.

This is NOT a sales call. Instead, it will be the most
transformative 30 minutes of your life.

Your investment for the 30-minute
session is $500.

There Are Limited Openings
At Any Given Time

There is another level. You can sense it… It’s either one that’t not quite clear to you yet, or you’ve only thought about.
If you’re serious about finding your Dragon Fire™ with which to fuel your heroic Journey and creating lasting transformation in your life and business, we would encourage you to get on Dov’s waitlist TODAY by booking your 30 minute Video Discovery Call.
(And rest assured, your information will never be shared with anyone else.)
Thank you for taking the next step in finding your Dragon Fire™.
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I uncovered the issues I wanted too. On finishing the second conversation, I felt a mental calm from getting out in the open the stressful thoughts that were chasing each other around in my mind.

Only then could I identify a deeper underlying issue. I asked Dov for a third conversation. In it we found what was holding me back for years!

My mind now eased from distraction and given direction, I've opened new fronts in this area of self-exploration and expression.

For context, in the past 15 years, I've received coaching in speaking, writing, fitness, performing, and probably a few other areas, but never in leadership.

I've pointed out how the most successful people in many fields had the most coaching, especially performance-based fields like sports, arts, and leadership. I've taught highly rated courses in leadership and my book on the subject became a number one bestseller. I've read many books on it and know dozens of leadership coaching colleagues. I host the Leadership and the Environment podcast, which has won awards and at times topped leadership podcast charts.

Joshua Spodek

Joshua Spodek, Ph.D., MBA. NYU professor and Bestselling Author View More

The Most Critical Thing Leaders and Business Owners Need To Understand Is What Drives Human Behavior.

Thank you.