Join Dov Baron and his world-class guests on his podcasts Leadership and Loyalty, and Curiosity Bites!

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Leadership And Loyalty!

Leadership and Loyalty is your opportunity to eavesdrop in and learn from the stories, secrets, and skills of the world’s most brilliant and exciting people in leadership. In this podcast, Dov Baron and his multi bestselling authors including: Keith Ferrazzi, Jay Abraham, Major General (ret) Scott Gration, The mother of Mindfulness, Harvard, Socio-Biologist, Futurist, Professor Dr. Ellen Langer, Rebecca Costa, CIA Trainer and Co-Host of The Behavior Panel, Chase Hughes, Head of the FBI Behavioural Unit, Robin Dreeke, Fmr. White House – Secretary of State, Keith Krach, and hundreds more; share the raw truth of their heroic journeys from devastation to purpose.

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Listen what Dr. Benjamin Hardy, organizational psychologist and author, has to say about the Leadership and Loyalty Podcast.

Intense, Soul-Filling, and Bing-Worthy

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To solve the world’s challenges, Dov urges us to become curious about why we believe what we believe.

More than ever, curiosity is in dire need. Dov created the “Curious Bites” podcast for people like you who genuinely want to know how to pull people back together even when they disagree wholeheartedly.

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Imagine eavesdropping in on intimate conversations with famous people and people famous in their space. Our guests include: Neuroscientists, Theologians, Heavy Weight Boxers, the Man who Kick Started the 60’s and Michael Jackson’s Confidant, The Head of WAR, the Canadian Neo-Nazi movement, an Economic Hit Man for The World Bank, a NASA Astronaut, The Set Designer for Start Trek, God Father of the Flow Movement, Theoretical Physicists, Melania Trumps ex Best Friend, The World #1 Bass Player, Global Economist, Advisor to WHO and author of “Hacking Darwin”, and many more.

DOV BARON facilitates BUSINESSES, TEAMS AND LEADERS HARNESS THEIR Emotional Source Code during his conversations on the leadership and loyalty podcast.