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Meetings are back and stronger than ever!

In-Person Meetings, Conferences, And Conventions Are Moving Ahead Full Steam – And They Are Packed! But A Lot Has Changed! People want to attend conferences but are no longer willing to put up with keynote speakers who speak “at” them. My guidance to the speaker I mentor is simple; it’s not enough to engage the audience, we must enroll them, and that is only possible if we put down the scripted formula and engage in Keynote Conversations with our audience.

New Keynote Conversations!

Global Guru 2023 Speaker Award

Audience attendance may be up, but attention is down. People are not willing to listen to some “expert” waffle on. Audiences want to be engaged, entertained, and straightforward, easy to understand practically.

Anyone delivering the same content post-pandemic as they did pre-pandemic is tone-deaf to the tectonic shifts in talent acquisition, corporate culture, leadership, and the world at large.

Your organization and audience need and deserve clarity and confidence to tackle a new generation of challenges!

Dov’ Baron’s new “Belonging” Creating A Tribe of Fiercely Loyal Talent and Customer” keynotes and training are timely, relevant, actionable, and highly engaging!

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Introducing "Belonging Creating A Tribe of Fiercely Loyal Talent and Customer"

From Culture to Tribe of Belonging Contrary to what we may have believed about ourselves, we have the power and agility to steer our organizations and the world at large toward a better horizon. But one thing is glaringly evident; we cannot do it without total buy-in.

Key features and benefits

  • Creating a Culture of Belonging
  • Strategic Solutions for Burn-Out, The Great Resignation, Quiet Quitting, and The Great Pause!
  • Why Hybrid isn’t Working and What Is
  • Why Our Old Ideas of Culture are either Dead or Dying
  • How to Control What You Can, Let Go of Everything Else!
  • Dealing With a Traumatized Workforce
  • Why Being Required to “Fit in” is Now a None-Starter
  • Millennials, Gen-Z, Alpha; Why They Rail Against The Cult of Specialization

Bookings for 2023 are coming in strong. Reserve your date for spectacular Keynote Conversations!

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Keynote Conversations and Corporate Training For Associations

After two years of missed in-person events, we all know how important it is to connect face-to-face again. Members are questioning the value and demanding ROI. Sponsors and exhibitors are at risk of pulling out if we don't meet in person and deliver relevant, actionable content to give them exposure and help our members grow their businesses.

Our teams need more than motivation. An organization must invest in what it will take to bond your team to you, your organization, and each other. It's vital that you have timely insight, relevant content, and actionable strategies that effectively move the needle and future-proof your talent engagement.

Dov Baron’s Keynote Conversations will make you a hero for bringing him in to present!

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