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One-On-One Consulting

Your presence on this page tells me that you’re a peak performance individual. You might even be the kind of person others look to emulate, as you’re consistently successful at whatever new challenges you take on.

No one would ever accuse you of struggling with confidence, and you’re known for getting things done.

If I am, then there’s a good chance that, despite everything you have going for you, there is still a sense that something is missing or somehow not accessible to you…yet.

You might not be able to put a finger on it, but you know that this “missing” piece feels significant, even vital.

And because you know there should be more, you might feel frustrated with yourself. After all, if you’re really so successful, it seems like you should feel more fulfilled, right?

Dov Baron works one-on-one with a select number of international, high-performing individuals each year. His clients are standouts in a number of fields: leadership, business, sports, and the arts.

Because of his expertise and ability to get results, Dov is booked a lot; this means his agenda is tight. The chances to work one-on-one with Dov as your strategist are limited, and he is highly selective in who he accepts into his one-on-one program.

He only works with clients where he feels there is a strong possibility of a significant and sustained result. He’s often referred to as the “soul mechanic™” by those in positions of influence. He has an uncanny ability to “get under the hood” and see what cannot be seen or has simply been missed…even by the best. His work is systemized, practical and effective.

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There is another level! It’s either one you’ve don’t know of yet, or one you’ve only dreamed of.

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Thank you for taking the next step in finding your purpose. ov looks forward to connecting, and will connect with you via email regarding your appointment.

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Company & Team Consulting

Soft Skills Are The New Bottomline!

Today, many industries are struggling to retain high-value employees.

In many organizations this is no longer a problem - it's a full blown crisis!

On average, 42% of employees are looking to leave their job at any given time. This alarming statistic was reported in the Gallup Business Journal (Feb 22, 2017), and is almost too terrifying for most companies to even begin thinking about. Can you imagine losing such a high percentage of talented, highly-prized employees?

Unfortunately, companies are battling several converging trends, such as:

  • Millennial prospects are not in love with the idea of big business or working for big companies.
  • Social networks and sites like mean that prospective hires can get a "warts and all" image of prospective employers very easily.
  • With more venture capital flowing around than ever before, being actively recruited has never been more lucrative to employees.

There’s nothing worse than investing heavily in an employee, in both initial recruitment and then through ongoing training programs, only to have new hires jump ship before their contributions have even covered the costs of bringing them onboard.

And for every year an employee stays with your business, they build invaluable knowledge, processes, and connections that, when lost, are impossible to quantify. (Although figures that a highly-developed professional is worth 1.5 to 2 times their annual salary to replace.)

So what if your employees were not only generating a positive ROI from within the company, but if they became active recruiters to boot?

That would be a real advantage.

A commonly accepted (but ultimately futile) solution has been to throw more money and perks at employees. This has not only demonstrably failed, it’s led to a remuneration arms race that has exacerbated the problem.

Dov’s Company & Team Consultations are dedicated to the economic upside of finding unique organizational solutions to the employee retention crisis, and ideally preventing one from happening to your business in the first place.


Strategic Overview.

Using Socratic Questioning, we take a look where your organization presently is, as well as where you want it to be. We’ll access any potential roadblocks or other invisible factors that wo


Outstanding Assets, Achievements, and Traits.

What is it that has made your organization great? Very often, the things that make a company great are the things that we see as “normal” and everyday. This phenomenon is referred to as ‘unconscious competence’, and is where we take our own magnificence for granted. Uncovering your hidden genius can be the difference between being “one of millions” or “one in a million”, and will lead to massive shifts in how you optimize your organizational and individual leadership.


Under-Leveraged Human Capital

Think about a time (it could be right now) when your organization was performing really well. As leaders, we’d all like to take credit for those outstanding results. However, if we’re completely honest, we have to admit that the mantle for the company’s success doesn’t rest on our shoulders alone. In fact, it may have very little to do with us.

Applying that same level of honesty – we also may not be sure what, specifically, is driving our success. The honest truth is that what most often leads to a company or team excelling are ‘invisible factors’ that no one really considers. In fact, we’ve found that as much as 50% of what makes a team or a leader successful comes down to these unseen factors.


License to Address and Optimize.

It’s one thing to KNOW, and something else altogether to DO.
Everything prior leads us to this point, which is where you decide to dive in and fully commit to growth. We’ve begun to uncover the hidden drivers (and stoppers), and we can now begin eliciting the SOUL purpose (your internal and external meaning) of your organization. This is the fire that burns in the belly of your company, the very reason you exist.

When it is fully surfaced and formed, it becomes the magnetic force that pulls both ideal employees to work for you, as well as ideal clients. And when you’re 100% committed to addressing and optimizing your purpose, you’ll make employees and clients alike evangelical about the WHY of what you do.

In their book Firms of Endearment, marketing professor Rajendra Sisodia and his co-authors explain how companies that put employee and customer needs ahead of the shareholders’ desires outperformed conventional competitors in stock-market performance by 8:1.

In the classic business book, Built to Last, Jim Collins and Jerry Porras reveal that purpose and values-driven organizations outperformed the general market, as well as comparison companies, by 15:1 and 6:1, respectively. As the title suggests, these are the companies that outlast their competition.

Harvard professors John Kotter and James Heskett, in their book Corporate Culture and Performance, found that firms with shared-values-based cultures had massive increases (400% higher revenues, 700% greater job growth, and 1200% higher stock prices) as compared to companies in similar industries.

Still think soft skills aren't important?

In Dov Baron’s work with well-established organizations, he often asks the leaders to tell him the core purpose of their organizations. More often than not, they struggle to give an answer that reaches much beyond “making a profit.”
When challenged them to dig deeper, they often say something like, “Look, we are already a (X) million-dollar company. Clearly what we are doing works, so why would need a deeper reason?” That’s a good point, and it will be enough – as long as the marketplace stays exactly the same.
But you only need to look to the recent American presidential election to know that change is the byword of our times. We live in what is arguably the most disruptive time in the history of business; if leaders don’t adapt, we will find ourselves being directly affected by those changes and under threat at every turn.

Remember - if you continue to do what worked yesterday, you are following a recipe for failure tomorrow.

In order to keep the best employees, a leader must be able to clearly articulate their purpose. Knowing, eating, breathing, and living the SOUL Purpose of your organization is what will tap into and bond your people’s hearts, souls, and minds to your business.
It’s the thing that will motivate people to give their best, even when times are tough – and we all know that worker engagement is at an all-time low. Without purpose, people have only a vague idea of what they’re supposed to do.

That would be a real advantage.

And believe it or not, making more profit for the company isn’t really a great motivation for the individuals working for you! As a result, leaders may see activity and busyness, but it’s often frenetic, disorganized, and focused solely on short-term goals. If this energy is not redirected towards a higher purpose, the results can be devastating.

As a leader, it's easy to say, "I'm too busy for this SOUL purpose stuff”. However, there is a huge bottom-line benefit to being purpose-driven. In order to leverage this benefit, leaders must first clearly identify and articulate what truly matters. They can do that by asking themselves and their senior team members:

  • Beyond making money, why are we in business?
  • What difference do we want to make in the world?
  • What would we want on our organizations headstone if it were to “die” and be buried?
  • In order to reach that end (the tombstone), what purpose or cause must become most important to us?
As you do this work, you must understand that unless you dig below the surface, all you’ll create is a manufactured purpose statement. Or to put it bluntly, a useless watered-down version of a mission statement that no one will care about, including you.
As rational and logical as we like to think we are, it’s important to remember that we are all emotional beings. And what sets people’s hearts, souls, and minds on fire is always driven by emotion, not logic.

For that reason, the key to finding your organization’s true purpose and cause will require you to dig deep into what matters most for everyone involved.

Be certain of this – your SOUL Purpose absolutely a treasure worth digging for. And when you find it? Your business will not just survive, but thrive in a way that corresponds to how you as a leader feel it should in the way that it should.

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Authentic Leadership

What is Authentic Leadership and how do we define it?
Designed to give you a clear view of how you perform in each of the five main areas required for you to become a world class authentic leader.
The matrix takes you through each area in a simple manner, guiding you with Yes or No questions.


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