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Soft Skills Are The New Bottom line!

It doesn’t matter how successful you are: if your employees and customers don’t understand what gives your company meaning, you’re only working at a fraction of your true capability.
Today, many industries are struggling to retain high-value employees. In many organizations this is no longer a problem – it’s a full blown crisis! On average, 42% of employees are looking to leave their job at any given time. This alarming statistic was reported in the Gallup Business Journal (Feb 22, 2017), and is almost too terrifying for most companies to even begin thinking about. Can you imagine losing such a high percentage of highly-talented employees?

Unfortunately, companies are battling several converging trends, such as:

There’s nothing worse than investing heavily in talent, in both initial recruitment and then ongoing training programs, only to have them leave before their contributions have been realized and paid for. And for every year an employee stays with your business, they build invaluable knowledge, processes, and connections that, when lost, are impossible to quantify. (Although, figures that a highly-developed professional is worth 1.5 to 2 times their annual salary to replace.) It’s time for your organization to stop bleeding top talent.

What if your employees were not only generating a positive ROI, but they became active recruiters for your company as well?

The commonly accepted (but ultimately futile) solution to keeping talent loyal has been to throw more money and perks at them. This has not only often failed, but it’s led to a remuneration arms race that has exacerbated the problem.
We’ve all seen the numbers: According to Gallup research, an astounding 70+ percent of U.S. employees are not showing up to work fully committed. They’re either disengaged and going through the motions, or, even worse, they’re “actively disengaged” and working against the greater good of the organization.
According to the Harvard Business Review article, “The Impact of Employee Engagement on Performance,” engaged employees look at the whole of the company and understand their purpose, where, and how they fit in. This leads to better decision-making. Organizations with an engaged workforce outperform their competition. But such companies are rare!
U.S. business has tried to fix the engagement and loyalty issues.
Leadership Development, in fact, is a $366 Billion Industry. But here’s why most programs fail miserably:
Almost all Leadership Development is focused on the symptom and not the cause!

What's the cause?

The answer is two-fold.

MEANING (Dragon's Fire)

By some means, they have found their Dragon's Fire™ and that cannot be extinguished or put out.
In fact, the very things that stop others fuels those with Dragon's Fire when meaning is attached.
Let’s be clear; “Dragon's Fire™” is NOT passion, enthusiasm or any other transitory force. No, your Dragon's Fire™ is connected to the deep and meaning-full reason you’re doing what you do. It is driven by the need to actualize, not only yourself but your legacy.
Dov Baron is the leading expert to help you and your organization find and ignite your Dragon’s Fire™, driving meaning into action!
Unified meaning is the one single monolith difference between mediocrity and greatness for all individuals and companies!
Dov’s Company & Team Consultations find unique organizational solutions to the employee retention crisis, and ideally prevent one from happening to your business in the first place.

Under-Leveraged Human Capital

This work is about uncovering the “dragon” hidden within your organization. Allowing those dragon’s to tap into their hidden genius will be the difference between being “one of millions” or “one in a million” leading you and your organization to generate massive shifts in how you optimize your organizational and individual leadership.

Dov Baron’s team will work with the owners and executive team of your organization to find each individual’s Dragon’s Fire™. Then you will discover how to turn those individual’s Dragon’s Fire into a unified meaning that drives your company.

Here’s why this is so powerful for the individuals and the organization:

Meaning is what drives all behaviour. You want more engaged, fiercely loyal talent… Give them a unified meaning. It’s the single monolithic difference between being average and being great for any individual or organization.

In a hyper-competitive world, you can’t afford to wait.

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Take Your Business To
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One-On-One Consulting

Dragon Leaders

Your presence on this page tells me you’re a peak performer. You might even be the kind of person others look to emulate, as you’re consistently successful at whatever challenges you take on.
The one single monolithic difference between mediocrity and greatness for all individuals and companies is self-identified and self-understood unified meaning.
At this moment in history, the world doesn’t need less leadership. It needs better, more human centric leadership. Leaders today are being asked to step up into a level of leadership they could have never imagined. The question is: who will you have in your corner so that you can serve at the highest possible level?
Each year, Dov Baron works one-on-one with a select number of international, high-performing individuals. His clients are standouts in a number of fields from leadership, to business, sports, and the arts.
Dov is one of the world’s premier speakers on Leadership, Loyalty and the Behavioural Science of Meaning – how meaning motivates and creates exponential movement.
Because of his expertise and ability to get results, Dov is highly in demand. This means his agenda is tight. The chances to work one-on-one with Dov as your personal strategist are limited, and he is highly selective in who he accepts into his one-on-one program.
He only works with clients where he feels there is a strong possibility of a significant and sustained result.

He’s often referred to as the “Dragonist” by those in positions of influence. He has an uncanny ability to “get under the hood” and see what cannot be seen or has simply been missed… even by the best.

His process reveals the seed of those that he sees as “Dragon Leaders”. This process nurtures the fire within them to burn away the lies that have dulled our flames.
His work is systemized, practical and effective.

Now, though, you’ve reached a plateau of comfort that’s not you. That’s right, you’re at the point where you have lost touch with something you knew so well; it was part of you.

So, the question is: how did you lose touch with the fire in your belly, with what I call your “Dragon’s Fire”™, and how do you reignite it and turn it into an inferno of meaning?

It’s just a fact: What you do, you do very well, and you’re admired for it. You live well enough that others are likely a little envious. Yet, secretly, you know “something is missing”.

So far, am I right?​

You’re at the point in your life where you now know it’s time to discover your next adventure.
But let’s face it, you’re smart. Maybe smart enough to fool yourself. So, you know this cannot be another distraction disguised as adventure. No, this is the call to step into growth that can only happen on your own heroic journey.
This is the call to your Hero’s Journey. The call shows up in the discomfort or anxiety that causes most people to quit. That’s not you; you don’t quit. Surprisingly, the call to your hero’s journey most likely shows up in the dissatisfaction with a good life. It is the deep desire for meaning and the appetite to turn that meaning into action!

At any given time, there are limited openings.

What’s the cause?

On one side you may have employees who have no real connection to the organization. This is because most companies have not bothered to examine the corporate meaning beyond profit. A company that does not have a unified meaning will constantly struggle with creating, not only engagement, but loyalty. Then there are the employees who by whatever means have found meaning in the work they do. However, because they are likely surrounded by disengaged co-workers, they will end up feeling overworked, undervalued and they will, given time, simply burnout! Let me explain: In 2019, journalist Anne Helen Petersen wrote a widely shared piece in Buzzfeed naming millennials the “Burnout Generation”. According to Petersen, millennials (now the largest workforce) see themselves as overworked, underpaid, and often paralyzed by the systemic dysfunction of our increasingly volatile world. 57% of tech workers are currently experiencing burnout, according to a survey of 11,500 workers, conducted by Blind. What can we do to stave off or recover from the feelings of burnout in your talent? The most common advice for dealing with burnout boils down to “work less.”

However, burned out employees will take some time off to recover, only to return and within a short window are back to feeling burned out.
Yet many entrepreneurs work day and night to build something they believe in, exhausted yet exhilarated. Why? Because work in of itself is not the issue; it’s the meaning that the work provides.
When we look at top performers they all say they love to work. They seem to be immune to burnout… So what’s the difference?

Behavioural Science of Meaning

There have been wonderful advances in cognitive neuroscience, which has generally been focused on non-emotional cognition, such as attention or memory.
However, understanding what subjectively drives an individual is the cognitive neuroscience of emotions known as Emotional Logic.
Tapping into subjective Emotional Logic gives us the science of persuasion, which helps us to discover what makes people do the things they rationally wouldn’t do rationally, and how to do the things they may have held as impossible.
This the study of the neural mechanisms of emotion. This interdisciplinary field combines neuroscience with the psychological study of personality, emotion, and mood.

The Most Critical Thing Leaders and Business Owners Need To Understand Is What Drives Human Behavior.

Thank you.