Why Your “Why” Isn’t
Nearly Enough…
And How It’s Costing
You Everything….

If You Feel Stuck On The Hamster Wheel Of Life… And You Want To Get Off In Less Than 30 Days… Read Every Word Of This Letter Immediately.
I’m embarrassed at the thought of revealing this confession. Please read it with all the grace you can manage.
Even though I am living with absolute purpose… a life bursting at the seams with joy, prosperity and total fulfillment…

… down to the marrow of my bones…

I can clearly remember a time in my life when I wasn’t.
During that time, I distinctly felt like no matter how great my life was, there was always something missing. (Maybe you can relate?)

And no matter how much I pursued my passion (and was told that it was my purpose), I still felt that feeling of things not being right.

I remember laying awake at night, wondering why I couldn’t figure out what my life purpose was. I read books, met wise people and I was smart. So why was it that every time I felt I might have “it” (my purpose) it would slip away, like a shadow in the night?
What made it worse: no matter how much I succeeded, every success brought with it only a fleeting sense of joy.
I was ambitious and driven and getting everything I thought I wanted, but it still left me feeling unfulfilled and unhappy.
It took losing everything I had built to show me what I was missing…
In my mind I had a “big dream” for my life and believed it to be my purpose… but the universe let me know that I was way off course.
What My Heart And Soul Were Secretly Crying Out For…

My goal is to reveal:

And So Much More…
Look, it took losing everything I’d built to show me what I was missing…
What my heart and soul were secretly crying out for…
What I am going to share with you in a moment is what my high paying personal clients get to see.
These are people that most of us look at and wish we had their lives, but they come to me because they’re searching for their purpose to find what it is that will bring them true hapiness and fulfillment.

Before I reveal how I took my regular why and turned it into a MASSIVE, awe-inspiring Why…

…That led me to find my ultimate purpose and near boundless joy in my life…

…And before I show you the step-by-step method for how you can do the exact same thing in 30 days…

…allow me to say hello. 

My name’s Dov Baron and I’m a best selling author, executive business coach, purpose mechanic, and international leadership speaker.

I’ve spent the last 35+ years studying the psychology of what makes people excel and be enormously successful, all while feeling deeply fulfilled.
A Boulder To The Face…
You see, back in the 80’s, despite all the success and media appearances that made it look like I was happy, fulfilled, and had everything I wanted, I secretly knew there was something missing. (Maybe you know what I mean.) It was something I couldn’t quite nail down.

I kept seeking the next experience that I hoped would make me feel amazing…only to find it didn’t last. 

It had gotten so bad that I became a full-blown adrenaline junky – if it was crazy and life-threatening, I was in!
Then in June 1990, I was free climbing (no ropes) with a buddy of mine – the lack of safety equipment gave it that extra element of danger. At 120 feet (that’s 12 stories high), I reached for a rock to pull myself up.
The rock I grabbed dislodged a bigger rock, and BOOM! It hit me smack in the face and sent me hurtling down the face of the mountain at maximum velocity until I landed on the sharp boulders below!
I laid there broken, distorted, and in a pool of my own blood, unsure whether or not I was going to survive.
I could tell you the gory details, but they’re not necessary. What I want you to know is that the next 9 months were agonizing, filled with reconstructive surgeries and physical recovery…

The problem was even though my body was getting better, my heart, mind, and soul was spiralling into a dark depression.

I was facing the worst moments of my life!

Look, it took losing everything I’d built to show me what I was missing… What my heart and soul were secretly crying out for… What I am going to share with you in a moment is what only my high paying personal clients get to see.
I Needed To Find My True Purpose In Life, To Know Why I Survived That Fall…
It took me YEARS to go through all the work and look at all the self-development I had already done to get to a point where I knew my purpose.
What I haven’t told you is…

By the time I had fallen off the mountain, I already had more than 10 years of personal development under my belt…

And all at once I felt like I was right back at the very bottom, trying to climb my way out of a very dark hole.

What I’d learned wasn’t helping me finding the true purpose of my life.
What I discovered was: It doesn’t have to take YOU years to find YOUR purpose.
In fact, if you’re committed to finding your purpose and living a deeply fulfilled life…

There’s A Way To Get There In Just 30 Days

Click on the myths below to find out more about how we will tap into your purpose in each module:

It’s not. If you follow your passion, you may end up living a deeply unfulfilling life. I’d love to share what I’ve learned about seeking PURPOSE, and how can do so by using All At Once.

What I’d studied in all that personal development wasn’t helping me finding the true purpose of my life. However, it doesn’t have to take YOU years to find your purpose. There’s a way to get there in just 30 days.

But know this: It’s a commitment.

At the end of that commitment there’s more joy, success, love, fulfilment, and a deep sense of purpose in everything you do and every decision you make…

A complete version of success.

The best part?

I documented my own journey towards purpose, ever since that fateful day in the summer of 1990. Now I’ve been able to refine this process to a point where I can help you take a shortcut to finding your purpose to just 30 days.

I know it sounds crazy, but imagine that in 30 days you’ll be able to experience your purpose and be able to live a deeply fulfilling life.

Knowing your purpose WILL give you the insight you need to find the path that is uniquely yours. It will also give you the ability to tap into that purpose for an unlimited amount of motivation, inspiration, and energy to go after what you want!

When you finally tap into your purpose…

Motivation and inspiration are instantaneous.

When you experience what it’s like to truly live from your purpose, it’s not unusual (I see this all the time with my clients) for you to be moved to tears!

Now, I’ve taken years to bring this together in a format that would allow me to help people who can’t afford to spend time with me one-on-one.

Because of my purpose in life, I became compelled to bring this process to people across the globe by turning it into something practical, digestible, and applicable, all within a 30-day period…
I wanted to be sure that it could be used by you at home or on the move.

Just to give you some context, my private clients routinely invest $20,000 a day for me to consult with them in person on this exact same process that I’m going to take you through.

Refining this process into a 30 day guide that is filled with small, incremental tasks will allow you to build the momentum you need to tap into your purpose.

In mythology, the alchemist has a secret process for turning lead into gold.

While you’re going through the process of finding your purpose, I’m going to be the alchemist for you, turning the weight of the lead in your life into the gold of your purpose…

This process gives you the system you need to then become the alchemist of your own life.

The name I gave this system is “All At Once”…

The reason is simple: When you tap into your purpose, it changes everything all at once. You can do this all in 30 days; don’t spend the years it took me to find my true purpose!

I know it sounds crazy, but pursuing happiness is a path to misery!

With All At Once, you’ll get a series of bitesize videos and task designed to give you the momentum you need to create an everlasting habit of living fulfilling your purpose.

Each module is JAM PACKED with applicable knowledge and strategies that will prepare you to be guided through your transformative experience.

Module 1: The Search For Meaning

Inside The Search For Meaning, you’ll begin to realize why you’re here on earth, and why it’s vital that you find your purpose.

You’ll learn why you are compelled to find your purpose.

This module is geared to help you understand why there’s an itch that can’t be scratched in your life, and how it’s the path to your purpose.

Module 2: The Stories We Tell

Human beings are storytellers. It’s how we have survived, and we’re wired for stories to help us live all through our lives…

In this module we cover the stories we tell ourselves in order to stay in a life that is less than fulfilling.

When you were a child, you likely believed in the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus.

In this module, we cover how there are stories in your mind that are are just as foolish (and that you’re still believing).

These stories are keeping you restricted from living your purpose and creating a truly fulfilling life.

In this module, I’ll share with you how you can tell yourself and your unconscious mind stories that empower and ignite you.

These are TRUE stories that will have you leaping out of bed to live your purpose.

Module 3: Passion & Purpose

Your passion is the vehicle that is transporting your purpose…

In this module, I will share with you why so many entrepreneurs and leaders end up burnt out and unfulfilled, and how you can make sure you’re not one of them!

You could be passionate about something as amazing as writing, but if you don’t know how writing fulfills your purpose, you’ll start to feel burnt out, need a change, or even wanting to quit.

On the flipside, if you know your purpose and you’re following your passion, you’ll create something spectacular.

And in today’s world, it has never been easier to find and access our passion….and then find ourselves in a dead end. 

There’s something more powerful than motivation, and I’ll share with you what it is: Purpose!

Module 4: Physics, Psychology & Purpose

For those who don’t like Woo-Woo…

Module 4 takes a more scientific and psychological approach to discovering your purpose.

In this short but powerful module we cover what you need to know about the quantum physics of a purpose-focused life.

How it psychologically alters your perception of who you are, the world you live in, and the abundance that is actually available to you.

Aligning the physics and psychology of your purpose will allow you to create a momentous shift unlike any other!

Module 5: Business On Purpose

Like the previous module, this one is short and very powerful!

This is where you’ll be able to see how it’s possible to build your business with your purpose.

By having a purpose-focused business, you get congruence in who you are and what your business does…

The biggest problem for marketers and business owners today is the retention of their customers.

By knowing your purpose, you immediately see a shift in your messaging, and your customers and clients see the meaning of what you’re sharing and why. This internal shift is felt by your marketplace.

They immediately start flocking to you (and staying with you) as you begin living in congruence with who you truly are.

Having a purpose-focused business is one of the quickest and easiest ways to achieve your freedom, live with fulfillment, and have massive positive impact on the community you serve.

Module 6: The Pursuit of Achievements

After getting clear on your purpose in the first 5 modules, we’re going to tackle one of the most significant parts of your life…

The pursuit of achievements.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve had goals in life, some of which you’ve achieved and some of which you haven’t.

However, you, like me, may have found there have been times in life where you’ve achieved your goals and it made you feel amazing for a split second…and other times where it was a bit of an anti-climax.

In this module we examine the difference between meaningful and significant achievements. 

We’ll also build an understanding of the power that you have to create the life that you want, and learn why, without REAL clarity, achievements can become the anticlimax I just spoke about.

We’re human, and pursuing achievements is a part of what we do.

Discovering WHY you want what you want isn’t some new-age, woo-woo, law of attraction mental exercise, it’s something far more powerful.

It’s tapping into (and turning on) a power within you, which we’ll go into greater detail on in module 7.

Module 7: Finding Your Super Power

In this module, I’ll introduce you to a part of yourself that’s been waiting in the shadows… Every one of us is born with an inherent super power, and in this module you’ll begin discovering yours.

When you hear people speak of this, it’s usually because they’ve found their purpose, and it’s taken them years to find out what their super power is.

The sad part is that it’s extraordinarily rare for people to find their super power without the process you’re going to discover here.

We’re going to begin uncovering your super power, and with the momentum built in the previous modules, you’re going to be able to align who you truly are, your purpose, and your super power to serve your customers, your community, and your highest possible good.

Module 8: The 2 Most Powerful Forces Of The Mind

As we spoke about earlier, life seems to be all about looking forward, setting goals, and achieving them.

But what if you had the ability to move to the end of your life and look back? How might that transform the way you live moving forward?

In this module, I’ll share a mind blowing strategy that I have used for decades to transform the lives of even the most powerful people.

For those who seem like they’ve got it figured out, invariably this process brings them to a massive breakthrough.

It’s the beginning of the pull towards your true north… and your true purpose!

It will uniquely align those two most powerful forces I spoke about earlier.

  1. The need to avoid pain.
  2. The desire to move toward pleasure.

Module 9: Getting What You Want. 

By this module, you’ve already had some powerful realizations and breakthroughs.

But we’re not done yet.

In this module we’re going to really dive into what drives us. 

This is part of the program you will not find anywhere else – no other teacher is going to give you the path to discovering your Primary Driver’s®. 

Let me explain…

Have you ever had an experience where you’re looking back on something you did and you wondered: “Why did I do something that I knew was all wrong for me…but I did it anyway?”
If you have, you are NOT alone! 

Primary Driver’s® are why you sometime look at your friends, family, and maybe even yourself and think. “Why the heck would such a smart person do something so dumb?” 

Look, this is a judgement free zone! 

We’ve all been there! 

We’re all human and we all have our needs.

Discovering your Primary Driver’s® will help you understand that you, just like everyone else, have needs that weren’t met. Here, you’ll learn how to get them met in a healthy manner. 

It’s fascinating to see how our unmet needs show up in our lives every single day.

The Primary Driver’s® of unmet needs show up in everything from how we conduct our business, relationships, friendships, and more.

When you go through this module, you’ll find the common themes in your life and how they’ve been showing up. 

Imagine emptying a 10,000 piece jig-saw puzzle on the table before you go to bed, then waking up to find all the pieces are in place. 

Things that made no sense, suddenly become crystal clear!

We’ve all had moments where we’d love to find a rug big enough to brush history under.

As much as we might like to think the past is gone, the truth is, until we can recognize how our unmet needs are playing out, the past will continue to leak into your present and pollute your future.

I’m going to show you how amazingly powerful you are. 

It’s time to stop playing small! 

Don’t let your past unconsciously control your life any longer.

Module 10: Becoming Your Own SuperHero

Some of us had wonderful childhoods, some of us had terrible childhoods, and most of us had a mix of the two. 

In module 10, we’re going to time travel backwards into your childhood. We’re NOT doing therapy: we’re going back to look at who your super heroes were (and are), and what characteristics you most admired in them.

You’ll soon realize those characteristics were, in fact, the ones you most admired in general.

You see, your purpose has always been there, under the covers, and we’re drawn to people (fictional or real) who will help us fulfill our purpose.

You’ll plainly see how you unconsciously took on and embodied the characteristics of your personal heroes; without knowing it, you did it to fulfill your purpose.

Jim Rohn once that you want to, “Set yourself the goal of becoming a millionaire, not to make a million dollars, but to become the person who can achieve that goal.”

This is an evolving process to become your own superhero and embody the truth that your purpose has always been present. Now we’re bringing it to the surface where you can put it into action and live that deeply fulfilling life of impact you’ve always dreamed of.

Module 11: Looking Back To Move Forward

Vagueness is nothing more than resistance disguised.

What if you could transform the parts of your life that you’ve struggled with most? Well, you can do it in All At Once!

Up until now, we’ve looked at how there are themes in your life. Here, we’re going to be moving deeper into fulfilling your purpose.

You see, whether we recognize it or not, we are obsessed with patterns.

There have likely been moments where you’ve realized that “certain things” can be simplified into a series of dissatisfying patterns which seem get repeated over and over again. 

We may tell ourselves that we’re in a groove, but at some level we know: a groove quickly becomes a rut, and a rut is merely a shallow grave.

The patterns of life are everywhere, and they reveal more about our lives than we could ever imagine.

You don’t have to be a philosopher to have a philosophy.

Just a few moments ago we were speaking about patterns…What you’ll want to grasp is that patterns, over time, start to unconsciously form what’s called your “life philosophy”.

If I asked you your life philosophy, would you know it?

Our life philosophy governs everything we’ve ever done and plan to do.

What you need to grasp is that up until this moment, those patterns (and the personal philosophy that emerged from them) would have been unconsciously playing out.

But living unconsciously doesn’t get you to your purpose or allow you to transform the parts of your life that you’ve struggled with most.

I’ll give you a perfect example…

My philosophy was that life had to be a struggle, and by overcoming these struggles, I got to show my greatness…

This was a trap!

So when I fell off the mountain, I had to recover, I had to struggle to get back on my feet, and I believed that would show everyone how great I was…

The truth is, we do have to embrace struggles as they come. 

But staying in hardship one moment longer than needed is foolish. So, after finding my purpose, my philosophy became: “To impact the world with elegance and ease”.

By the end of this module, you’ll have a deep and powerful understanding of the themes, patterns, and philosophy that has run your life until now.

However, by consciously choosing the philosophy you wish to have, and integrating the tools you will be given, you’ll be able to start living from your new philosophy in no time flat. 

Module 12: All At Once

In our final module, we bring it all together. We bring a true awareness to everything you’ve already achieved in this program. 

One of the most beneficial parts of this module is the awesomely empowering new manifesto exercise.

You’ll be able to see exactly how far you’ve come, and by completing this module, you’ll acknowledge your own progress.

Celebrating your success and progress allows you to build on them.

Every event in your life is either pulling you away from your purpose, or into an adventure that will allow you to live out your purpose.

Maybe there’s a little voice in your mind telling you that you’re not up for this. 

I want you to know the voice is a liar! 

There is deep greatness within you, and it’s been waiting your entire life to be fully expressed.

Therefore, you might feel the weight of the new responsibility, but it’s one you gladly bare as you’ll have a newfound quiet, a calm confidence, and a compelling charisma about you.

This leads to more a more meaningful life. Once you tap into your purpose, everything changes All At Once!

Money in the hands of a purpose focused individual is the root of much good in the world.

In one year, donations for $50 million were placed into a New York bank account to help fulfill Mother Teresa’s purpose!

Here’s what some of my students and clients have had to say about this system…

I’m impressed with Dov Baron, his show, his consulting, and his speaking. He really knows how to teach meaning-driven leadership, and that’s one of the most important things today in leading organizations. I think he has valuable knowledge about how to engage this younger millennial generation and keep them working with you, keep them loyal to your organization, so you don’t have to continue to bear the cost of hiring over and over again. If you have the opportunity to listen to his show do it. If you have a chance to have him come speak for your organization, do that as well. You won’t be disappointed.

Professor Michael Glauser

Co-founder and Chairman of My New Enterprise

When I came to Dov Baron’s online purpose and impact training, I had feelings of something missing within my coaching. I felt like my clients just weren’t getting the best of me, but I couldn’t put my finger on what it was that was missing. As Dov led the participants through each section of this training, I was amazed at the personal revelations that started to surface for each participant because we’re all so different. But Dov has a unique and intuitive approach that challenged me to go deeper, and he helped me to navigate discovering my purpose.
Erin Harrison
Head Coach of 34 Strong
What’s The Investment For All At Once?


I want All At Once to be accessible to as many people as possible as I believe everyone deserves to find their purpose in life.
In 35 years of doing this work, I have found that following through and truly committing is necessary for creating the kind of impact that will help you create a deeply fulfilling life.
If you’re seeing this today, the investment is only $497! I want you to take advantage of this training so that you can find your purpose and impact others in your world.

Ultimately, I want you to find the fulfillment I have had in my own life; the kind of fulfillment that those who have willingly paid me $20,000 to understand this system in person have had.

For the next 30 days, you can get access to All at Once for 75% off as my gift to you, and as an investment in your future.
Listen, I’ve been in this business for a long time.
I’ve seen my share of snake-oil salesmen and rip off merchants making promises they can’t back up.

So. If you’re skeptical, I get it…I would be too.

I challenge you to go online and read the countless number of reviews out there written by people speaking of the work I do. You’ll find out more about the positive, powerful impact I’ve had on people just like you for decades…
I’m not saying this to brag, I’m telling you because you deserve to be guided by somebody who actually cares about you, and who truly wants you to find your purpose.
“So, How Do I Get Started?”
To get started, all you have to do is click the order button below where you’ll be taken to my secure checkout page.
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60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

These 30 days are designed to take you through a series of micro-steps that will build momentum in helping you discover your purpose.

If you’re ready to live a life full of meaning, fulfillment, and purpose, then this is the program for you.
To get started, you just have to click the button below; you’ll be taken to our secure checkout page.

All you have to do then in enter your regular details and complete your investment of only $497 today. (Remember, my corporate clients pay $20,000 dollars for 8 hours of my time!)

If, for any reason, you decide that the “All At Once” course isn’t for you within the first 60 days, please send me an email via our support tab, and I’ll happily refund your full investment.

We’ll even part as friends!

Remember, when you go through All At Once, it’ll take 30 days. I’ve broken it up to these bite sized modules so you can consume it and integrate it.
Look, you can take this course as fast or as slow as you like.
I’ve broken it up to these bitesize modules so you can consume it and integrate it.
You’re also covered by my 60-day money-back guarantee.
So, if anywhere in the next 60 days, you’re not completely satisfied for any reason whatsoever, then all you have to do is send me a support email through the membership portal and I’ll happily refund

With gratitude and respect,

Dov Baron

P.S. I’m giving you the opportunity to discover your own purpose and FINALLY find the fulfillment you’ve been missing your entire life.

P.P.S You’ve lived your life trying to understand your why. By being in this program you will uncover how your “Why” is just the beginning.
You’re about to take a quantum leap in your levels of success, happiness, health, significance, and impact in your life, and in the lives of those who you love and care about.

It took me years to figure this out and I’ve only taught this to my high-level clients…

Now It’s Your Turn!

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The Most Critical Thing Leaders and Business Owners Need To Understand Is What Drives Human Behavior.

Thank you.